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Professional Security Services in Jacksonville, Fl

Ranger Guard Security & Investigation’s mission is to build long-lasting relationships with our clients who always come first, providing complete and satisfactory service in armed and unarmed security.

• Jacksonville Owned & Operated

• Top Security Standards

• Fully Licensed by Florida DPS Regulatory Services Division

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Ranger Security Services

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Armed & Unarmed Security Guards

Uniformed officers for both low and high risk protection.


Bodyguards & Executive Protection

Guards for VIPs with ever-present threats, including at special events and public activities.

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Commercial & Corporate Security

Workplace security at any office or business to protect employees and customers.


K9 Security

Highly trained K9 officers can handle real-world challenges in any environment. 

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Fire Watch Security

Protect people and property from having a fire take place.

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Loss Prevention

Effective loss prevention programs protect assets and merchandise from theft.

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Mobile Patrol

Our mobile patrol officers arrive in highly visible marked security vehicles, complete with lights, to patrol your property.

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Event Security

Security services and personnel for large events ensure the safety of attendees and workers.

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... And Much More

Call us to discuss your needs - Ranger Guard Jacksonville can customize security programs and services.


Training and Certification

Quality matters. All of our guards are certified, licensed, and insured to meet state qualifications. Because we know how important hiring only the best and most qualified applicants is to our client's safety, we go far beyond other security firms in our hiring and screening process.

Outstanding Service

Combining our excellent customer service with high levels of security responses, Ranger Guard & Investigations always has the needs of our clients first and foremost in our minds. As a result, we are able to maintain professional standards that far surpass any other company in the industry.

Rather than following the lead of many other security companies and hiring anyone who walks through their door and submits an application, we choose instead to have only guards who are well-trained, present a professional appearance and demeanor, and commit to protecting the property and people to which they are assigned.

To accomplish this, we hire many U.S. Army veterans, letting them put their skills and discipline to work protecting their fellow citizens.

Professional Standards

Our experienced and knowledgeable supervisory personnel make sure guards follow all rules and regulations. Customer service and safety are our top priority, so supervisors will also regularly conduct unannounced spot checks to make sure the various security services needed by the client are being provided to our exacting standards.

Not only does this provide peace of mind, but also assures clients that all standard regulations, rules, and laws will be followed no matter the situation. Supervisors are available for both clients and guards 24/7, 365 days per year. If you have any questions or requests about your security, our supervisory personnel are always available to speak with you, or with officers on duty at their facility or event.

Best-In Industry Guards

Most importantly, Ranger Guard makes sure its officers are the best in the industry. To accomplish this, we place a high priority on experience, and actively work with local law enforcement and veterans to recruit applicants with years of experience in law enforcement and military operations. In doing so, we can assure clients our officers will have not only the most up-to-date security training offered today, but will also have already demonstrated levels of experience and sound judgement when dealing with high-stress situations.


Service. Teamwork. Accountability. Respect. Success.

Ranger Guard is setting out to do better and set higher standards for the security industry.


Ranger Guard and Investigations